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President Obama Encourages Innovation In Civic Technological Engagement

On Friday, President Obama gave a wide-ranging 45-minute keynote address (video) at South by Southwest Interactive here in Austin.

Among other things, he encouraged the audience to solve existing social inequities through the application of modern technological innovations.

Of particular interest to voters in Texas, the President responded to questions from Texas Tribune Editor-in-Chief and CEO Evan Smith about

(1) electronic voter registration;

(2) the class and racial divides that cut off from the Internet a disproportionate percentage of racial minorities and people living in poverty; and

(3) low voter turnout in Texas. Related to turnout, the President dryly pointed out that the elected officials of the great State of Texas are not interested in encouraging voting. In Texas, he noted, we bear at least some of the responsibility for our poorly responsive state government.

To the extent that the President offered any prescriptions for the future,  he said that we need the tech community to cooperate with government-funded expansion of high-speed Internet access to underserved areas.

He also mentioned the new federal agency (launched 2015) the United States Digital Service, ConnectED (for K–12 public education), and public-private technological collaboration in general.

Full video here: http://www.sxsw.com/interactive/news/2016/president-obama-sxsw-keynote-video


  1. N. E. Longoria says:

    With the advent of ID verification via electronic fingerprints and retinal scans, voters should soon be able to register either or both with the Sec of State and then vote electronically at any poll or other location with digital access. That would end long waiting lines at the polls and the intimidation suffered at the hands of radicalized, “Christians,” who do not want to see a strong voter turnout by those who do not agree with their so-called values. During this entire process, the only Christ-like behavior I have witnessed has been exhibited by a Jew. Oh, yea, that IS what Jesus was, isnt it?

  2. Lady Lyndon says:

    Seems like tepid commentary on everything that’s happened lately, i.e., 5th circuit’s agreement to hear voter ID en banc, letter from Congressman Greene to DoJ….

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