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Story of A Disenfranchised Voter

I saw on Rick Hasen’s blog that he had already posted this link to a Guardian story about Texas voters – the story is as good an illustration of the profound wrongness of Texas voter I.D. law as any I’ve seen.



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  1. N. E. Longoria says:

    I asked my Tea Party cousin why she was so adamant in her support of this ridiculous law and her response was, “Because I do not want ‘illegals’ or dead people voting.” I have never known of any “illegals” who wanted to risk exposure by attempting to vote and, even though my dad was a devout Democrat, he has never tried to rise from his grave to vote. As a matter of fact, neither have any of the other people whose funerals I have attended, no matter their former affiliation. However, these are the baseless reasons the GOP is instilling in Texans to get them to support this horrid law. I wonder if they would be so adamant if it were affecting the voting rights of the rich? My cousin was shocked that three “idiots” on the Supreme Court dissented the recent ruling. That was HER word, not mine.

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