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Well, At Least Ginsburg, Sotomayor, and Kagen Spoke Up

This is shameful. The U.S. Supreme Court (usually such a pro-law and order institution) has ruled that the risk of “voter confusion”justifies breaking the law.



  1. Dr. Arthur Frederick Ide says:

    Women have been kept too silent for fear they would end male hegemony. That is coming to pass, even though there remain such troglodytes masquerading as journalists for the Washington Times and Fox News. Ginsburg has been an ardent support of the rights of all people, and Sotomayor is proving herself to be similar to JFK and not subservient to her church and its ideology, while Kagan is asserting her own ideas and not just those she learned in law school. Ginsburg leads, but in time I hope she is joined by another jurist with equal attention to details and the realization that the US Constitution is not written in stone but was intended to be a living document that changes with time. Slaves were freed in the nineteenth century despite the rants and sermons of Southern landowners and ministers, and women gained the right to vote despite the screeds of gynophobes, while gay men won in court and same-sex marriages are made legal in most states (not Texas, yet), and while the right of a woman to choose the destiny of her body is now under attack, there are brave defenders like Wendy Davis who continue the fight that led to Roe v. Wade.

    When Voter ID is laid to rest permanently, the nation will have come a long way regardless of how Roberts, Kennedy, Scalia, Alioto and Thomas protest as they cannot live forever. What is essential is to make certain that a progressive majority control the Senate and White House so that basic freedoms are shrined not only in law but the hearts of the people.

  2. Dr. Arthur Frederick Ide says:

    Typo: not “Alioto” but “Alito”.

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