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Whither Voting Rights Litigation?

Much of the latest voting rights litigation has run full tilt into the whirling buzz-saw of hostile appellate Federal courts. By way of example, we have the U.S. Supreme Court’s reinstatement of the State of Ohio’s fairly dastardly statutory elimination of same-day voter registration, a likely U.S. Supreme Court dissolution of an injunction against North Carolina’s enforcement of various restrictions on voting, and (most outrageously), a federal court of appeals overturning of lower-court prohibitions against Wisconsin’s voter i.d. laws, thereby causing an embarrassing and clumsy disruption of the election process.

To be blunt, this state of affairs does not bode well for smooth, untroubled election administration in the foreseeable future.

Well, at least it makes for an angry electorate.

The posting is inspired by and links to Rick Hasen’s rundown of the latest pre-Election litigation headlines, at http://electionlawblog.org/?p=66287



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