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Vox on Gerrymandering

Vox has posted an entertaining video about how Canada reformed its process for drawing district boundaries, along with links and a general overview of gerrymandering and the redistricting process. The suggestion is that the job of redistricting needs to be taken away from politicians and given to nonpartisan redistricting commissions.

The post (with a colorfully fanciful map of the U.S. chopped into more compact congressional districts) is available here: http://www.vox.com/2014/5/8/5695350/this-is-what-america-would-look-like-without-gerrymandering

In Texas, repeated efforts to reform the redistricting process have gone almost nowhere, although each new session opens with someone filing a bill to create a nonpartisan redistricting committee. If such a thing ever does pass, one hopes that any such nonpartisan redistricting committee will be constituted in such a way as to avoid hopeless tie votes and partisan gridlock among the members of such a committee.



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