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Six Politiqueras Arrested In Cameron County for Vote Fraud

This story out the valley (see http://www.kveo.com/news/six-cameron-county-individuals-arrested-voter-fraud-charges) has gotten some legs, in part because the arrests indicate that the net is widening following the conviction of Yolanda Solis for illegal voting in the 2012 Democratic Party primary election in Cameron County. For a somewhat more salacious report that identifies the factions involved, see: http://rrunrrun.blogspot.com/2014/07/hernandez-vote-harvester-t-chavez.html?showComment=1405543781968. I tend to agree with the blog author and blog comments that we’re likely to see more indictments come out of this.

While the arrests and indictments are interesting, I note that the alleged crimes are not particularly sophisticated. One reason why illegal voting does not happen in general is because the act of illegal voting leaves a broad and easily traced paper trail. Because, you know, in order for a criminal mastermind to actually illegally vote, he or she has to fill out paperwork.

Imagine how much easier it would be to prosecute bank robbery if every bank robber had to fill out a deposit slip with their name and contact information.


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