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“How Not to Respond to a Motion for Attorney Fees and Costs”

Schadenfreude? Why, don’t mind if I do. This order for attorney fees (from Texas v. Davis, et. al.,) comes courtesy of Professor Rick Hasen’s Election Law blog.

For once, the strategic mix of arrogance and incompetence in the Attorney General’s pleading practice places a well-deserved boot print on the State’s posterior.

EDIT: When I say “arrogance and incompetence,” I mean only to criticize the aggressive tone of the pleadings specific to the redistricting litigation in the D.C. circuit; something attested to in multiple judicial orders and memoranda coming out of Texas v. Davis. This singularly nasty and confrontational tone was a strategic choice made at the highest level at the Texas A.G.’s office to adopt a needlessly combative stance with respect to the 2011 redistricting preclearance litigation, and shouldn’t be read to to impugn the generally professional work of rank-and-file attorneys working for the State.


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