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Voter ID issues in the Primary Elections

The Fort Worth Star Telegram ran an interesting story about the potential for voter confusion on differing names. The story is interesting in part because it highlights the very different reactions of the Dallas County and Tarrant County voter registrars. Dallas County is doing a massive mail-out of notices to voters whose names may pose problems at the polls, while Tarrant County indicates that the only problems would arise for voters with names completely different from the ones under which they registered.

A similar difference in approaches can be seen in comparing Travis County (which is also doing a preemptive mail-out) and it’s neighboring county of Williamson County, which is not.

One might well chalk up the different approaches to partisan concerns. Travis County is still by and large a Democratic Party stronghold, while Williamson County voters tend toward Republican identification. Similarly, Dallas County has a strengthening Democratic Party, while Tarrant County is more conservative.


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